It’s Time To Make SOCIAL MEDIA A Thriving Part Of Your Guide Business.

This is a pipeline of posts, graphics, and resources that help you succeed on socials.

Ditch Writer’s Block

   Save Time   

  Stay Top Of Mind

Here’s the deal.
At some point, the cobbler’s kids need shoes.

We’ve all heard that old adage because it’s hard to do for ourselves what we do for others, right? Here’s the problem…When we don’t practice what we preach (especially online), it impacts our ability to influence potential clients and sell with confidence. 

No–having a social media presence isn’t the only thing you need to thrive. But, it’s an essential element that helps provide:

    • Brand awareness
    • Positioning as a thought leader in your space 
    • Added value to your audience
    • Opportunities to begin new relationships 
    • A space to foster community 

And now, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Stop Sighing Every Time Someone Says “Social Media”.
It’s time to check social media off your to do list. We include:

    • Copy for 78 evergreen social media posts customized for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
    • A social media calendar template you can repurpose for your work and clients’ work alike
    • A collection of graphics for every post
    • A guide’s guide to social media


The Creators Of 78 Social Media Posts for the Busy Guide.

This social media package was created by two veteran StoryBrand Guides who specialize in offering white label social media, copywriting, and website design services. Bottom line: We created this collection of done-for-you social media posts and resources so you wouldn’t have to.

Evan Cox

Evan Cox Consulting

Becoming StoryBrand Certified in 2019 added rocket fuel to my business. This growth helped me define what I offer and bring results for guides and clients alike, but it also reinforced the importance of making my own marketing a priority. It’s why I wrote this nurture email sequence for guides, and it’s also why I teamed up with Julia, a seasoned social media pro and one of my favorite white label partners, to create this resource for the entire StoryBrand community.

Julia Block Pearson

Stratos Creative Marketing

At the time I became StoryBrand certified in February 2019, there were very few guides who were using the framework in their client’s social media accounts. Our team had to figure out how to marry the social media best practices with the StoryBrand narrative. Once we did, we saw tremendous success in our clients’ social growth.

Even though we could see our clients’ success, it took us a minute to practice what we preach! I felt guilty for selling something I wasn’t valuing for myself. If you’re feeling the same way, this is a perfect solution. Show your expertise while showing up in your clients’ feeds!

This Package Is Perfect For…

  • Copywriters who feel tapped out from writing client content all the time

  • Veteran Guides who know they need this, but just don’t have the time to create it all

  • Brand new Guides who want to start offering value to their audience around StoryBrand and marketing principles right away

  • Guides who don’t love to write, but still love to have a pipeline of posts that keep their audience engaged

  • Marketers who have a specific voice and tone, but still need evergreen content they can make their own on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Agency owners who can’t squeeze one more thing onto their team’s plate

You Probably Can’t Match $15/Post, Right?

You’re charging StoryBrand minimum pricing (and hopefully more) for your work. That means your time is valuable. 

Opportunity cost is real.

By the time you write the copy, research the hashtags, and design a graphic, you’re likely spending way more than $15 of your time to create each one of these posts.

That’s the value of this offer—78 social posts with graphics at $15 or less per post

Plus, we include content curated specifically to each platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

 Repurpose Everything

in your email marketing, on your website, and in your client work

 Demonstrate Authority

with valuable content that engages your community

 Sell With Confidence

because you practice what you preach online

Ditch The Headache

 of writing and designing your social media posts on your own

The Solution To Long Stretches Of Silence On Social Media


1. Purchase the Package

2. Customize and Plan Out Your Posts

3. See Success on Socials

The Solution To Long Stretches Of Silence On Social Media


1. Purchase the Package

2. Customize and Plan Out Your Posts

3. See Success on Socials

Trusted By solopreneurs & Agencies Alike

Already Active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or twitter?

You can still…

    • Utilize these templates for delivering client work
    • Repurpose posts into blogs, emails, and other content to promote your business
    • Share content and graphics on other platforms like Google My Business

FAQs That Give You The 4-1-1

What kinds of posts are they?

We include a collection of posts and graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (78 to be exact). In them, we cover everything from StoryBrand messaging and website best practices to SEO and marketing thought leadership. 

Much like a nurture email, these posts are designed to engage your audience, position you as an expert, and offer incredible value. The majority of these posts are not designed to sell a specific offer.

Why 78 posts? That seems random…

78 posts boil down to roughly 6 months worth of content when posting 3 times a week, 9 months worth of content when posting twice a week, or 18 months of content when posting 1 time a week.

Is this ready to go or will I have to put a ton of time into customizing it?

These can be plug-and-play, but we recommend reading through all the posts first. You will likely see opportunities to customize here and there.

What exactly do I get?

Great question! Here’s what’s included in this bundle: 

    • Copy for 78 evergreen social media posts (including hashtags!)
    • A social media calendar template you can repurpose for you and clients alike
    • A collection of multiple graphics for every post (both in Google Drive and Canva)
    • A guide’s guide to social media
    • 101 social media prompts
    • A hashtag research worksheet

If multiple people purchase this, won’t we all be posting the same thing?

We thought a lot about this question which is why we decided to…

    • Provide a collection of photos you can mix and match
    • Deliver the photos in Canva so you can easily drop in your brand palette and have Canva automatically adjust them all
    • Not give you specific dates or times to post so the content is varied
    • Arm you with hashtag best practices in our included guide so you can niche down your audience

I really like this idea, but can you customize everything to my business?

If you’re sold on the idea, but need help customizing, we do offer an option to adapt the included graphics to your brand’s color palette. You’ll see the option during check out!

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